My name is unimportant as i am here to share with you the summer of my life, the summer i met my milf. Years have passed since that summer, i am older now, more experienced, but nothing will ever compare to that summer with my summertime milf. I had just turned 19 and was in my second year at a prominent university, I was quite young and naive, struggling to get a degree I would probably never use in the real world. I was in a spiritual rut and everyday was the same.. until i met her.My social life was non-exsistent so i had no problems with keeping up my grades. Except for Spanish which i was failing miserably. While searching for a tutor at the university center, I saw a small ad for a spanish tutor with low rates. That phone call changed my life forever. What began as spanish lessons, turned into a whirlwind of passionate romance and a summer love affair that was so unbelievable i feel i have no choice but to share it with all of you.
This was easily the summertime of my life, although she came and left, she holds a place in my heart
On Sunday i decided to take Nat to a nice lunch, after eating CONCH forters and ...   Sometimes the long days of jerking off and watching football gets old. So, Nat a...   Lately i have become addicted to this camera... so when Nat and i were fucking w...   When the milf is in a good mood, i feel like I just got a fullhouse in poker. I ...
The greatest thing about an older woman, is the fact that they have essentially ...   I love how i can control Nat into doing anything i want... she was supposed to m...   It was the weekend, my milf decided to come over and tan on my balcony. I live...   Hello everybody, after a nice long week, Natalie decided to go out on Friday nig...
This hot milf rocked my world all summer long... took care of me like a rock star!
Every once in a while i will break down and buy a girl dinner, my milf really de...   I use to pickup a lot of different That is what it felt like this time, i woke u...   This was one of my favorite days ever, to this day I have whacked off to this mi...   You know what i LOVE about Natalie? She never complains about anything.. well, n...
I loved my milf, I truly did, I have a girlfriend now but I often think of her. ...   There is nothing better than living with an older woman.. She works all day, she...   So I have Nats here amd it may be one crazy summer for me but its a regular day ...   Nat, never really shared details with me about her past, I am pretty convinced a...
I always had trouble expressing to her how I felt about her, maybee it was because I thought I would get hurt, she hated that about me. Well Nat, if you ever see this, I love you. Not the cliche style of love you see on cheap greeting cards a boyfriend of 1 month would give you, I truly love you. I love you so much that I even shared some of our poetry with my friends that I wrote about you, and you know how hard that would be for me.
    So there you have it, that was my summer and she was my brazilian angel. She came into my life when I least expected it and completely turned me into a obedient puppy. She taught me so much about myself, life and insane love making. I have yet found anyone liker her and probably never will. I hope that one day we are reunited and she still has the same feelings that I have for her.
I think finally Nat is getting used to the idea of having the camera around.. sh...    
    Ofcourse she had to leave me, her visa to stay in Miami only lasted 6 months and I met her 3 months in. I often wish I could of met her sooner, we could of had an even stronger bond (if possible) and I could of convinced her to stay, or atleast marry me. I dont know. She had called me a few times since she left, but it was never the same, talking about weather and what she was upto, just left us both drained, we no longer had the same connection. As time grew on, the calls stopped and I moved on partially and her impact on my life taught me A LOT more than just spanish. Yo te amo Nat. (I love you)
It was a day like any other... until Natalie decided to clean the apartment.. i ...   Nat and I were supposed to go out for lunch together today, but I got really hor...
You know I never wanted to stop seeing you, I miss you almost daily, and even though it has been years since and I have a new girlfriend now, I think about you almost everyday. All girls I have ever met I have compared to you. I honestly understand that we had to move on from our summertime romance. I had to get a job and you had to go back to Brazil, but I hold out hope that someday soon we will be reunited and I hope you feel the same way.


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